The Tories are worried!

What do you do if you are out canvassing and you knock on the door of someone who tells you he or she is a member of the BNP or UKIP Рbut there is no BNP nor UKIP candidate? An old advice sheet isssued by Chelmsley Wood Councillor Chris Williams suggested that nevertheless they are urged  to vote;  but to vote Green not Labour nor Conservative.

Birmingham Post Thursday Oct. 18 2018

In the House of Commons Solihull Tory MP Julian Knight asked Theresa May to condemn the Green party for issuing this advice. It shows that the Tories are really worried at the huge surge in support for the Green Party not only in Solihull but nationwide.
The Greens’ response was:

“The Green Party offers a solution of hope, not hate, and we are proud to have taken seats from UKIP, erased the BNP in Solihull and to offer an anti-establishment alternative that can challenge the politics of hate. Only by winning votes from the disenfranchised and changing the narrative can we defeat the far right, which the Green party is helping to do.”


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