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Public Consultation on RSCTC policy on Climate Change
Dear Councillors,


As part of the public consultation on the Town Council Strategic Plan and planned public consultation on the council’s climate change policy (proposed by Cllr Horrocks on 24th of September 2019) we would like to suggest the following policies for Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council to adopt.
Overall Strategy:
There is a devastating Climate Emergency and our town will answer the call to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to save lives and livelihoods.
Highways and planning should prioritise pedestrian, cycling and public transport. Reducing the number of car journeys in Sutton Coldfield is the best way to make our town cleaner, healthier and reduce the traffic congestion.
The Town Centre should change pedestrian crossings to prioritise pedestrians.
Extend and improve the Blue Route Cycling routes to include more of Sutton Coldfield and improve cyclist safety on our roads.
Electric vehicle public charging points to be incentivised.
Reduce the number of School run car journeys. Air pollution in schools is a major health risk for children and the localised pollution from vehicles in traffic around schools is a primary concern for parents.
Renewable Energy:
Town Council and partner’s assets should run on renewable energy from on-site or community renewable energy systems or purchased off the national grid.
The council should tackle fuel poverty by advocating for and subsidising the installation of renewable energy systems and thermal insulation for low income households.
The council should not accept planning applications that do not meet the Passivhaus standards for building.
The council should become leaders in waste management for the West Midlands.
The Council should facilitate domestic food waste recycling for anaerobic digestion before it becomes mandatory.
The council should host a series of engagements with businesses to reduce packaging and single use plastics.
The council should optimise the planting trees and bushes in public areas that would provide beneficial biodiversity.
The council should adopt a policy of re-wilding grass verges to promote wildflowers and insects.

Kindest Regards,

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