Bonfire night – wildlife warning

IF YOU ARE HAVING A BONFIRE AT ANY TIME IN THE COMING MONTHS, make sure that pile of stuff does not become a towering inferno for wildlife.

While it’s being built up over the days, it becomes an attractive refuge for hedgehogs, frogs & toads, insects galore,  that are essential for natural processes in the garden.
Preferably, pile the stuff to be burnt to one side of where it is to be lit.  Build the structure as near to the time of ignition to cause the lodgers to evacuate safely & not return.

We’ve checked even small heaps placed for burning and they’re busy communities!  A previous year, in a two foot high pile in a three foot wide fire pit – WE FOUND FOUR LARGE TOADS, 23 SMALL FROGS, smaller than the gell one pictured here, PLUS INVERTEBRATES OF ALL KINDS.

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