We also wish to stress the importance of our group’s contribution to safeguarding the planet through our campaigning support of Environmental Defenders and Human Rights Workers in key, strategic areas of the world.

A successful Forum on Human Rights Issues with Andrew Mitchell MP on July 19th  2018 was organised by the Sutton Coldfield Amnesty International Group & reported in the Sutton Observer. Green Party members of the A.I. Group played an active role in the event as well as speaking from the floor.
As we have consistently demonstrated, finding common ground and allies is central to our strategy. We are therefore bound to give credit where credit is due; Andrew Mitchell spoke in forthright terms on all human rights matters raised, terms in accord with our ethics including that human rights must be accorded even to those who had most breached them.
He delightedly stressed the fact that a government like the present, with barely a majority of one, is excellent for democracy because it returns power to the floor of the House and elected representatives. Leaving aside the debate over PR, a number of outcomes have been desirable.
A brief report can be consulted here.

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