A Tory view on Cycle Routes.

One of our members recently wrote to Conservative Birmingham City Councillor Meirion Jenkins about the need for more and better cycle routes into and around the city.

Here are the revelant parts  of his reply:

 “Although I very much enjoy using the bike for rides in Sutton Park and do sometimes cycle to the High St, as you also rightly say, cycles have limited scope as a practical means of travel in Sutton because of safety concerns.  I never feel terribly comfortable cycling on the Lichfield Rd.
“At the same time, right now, it is private motor transport that keeps the economy of our town and city moving and we risk great damage to our prosperity through Labour’s ongoing ‘war on the motorist’.  Labour’s plans for a congestion charging zone will damage our economy and it will be the least well off that will always suffer most.  At the last election, we put forward plans that would have addressed the issue of air quality without damaging the economy of our city.”

Such a laissez faire view is totally at odds with Green Party policy and while giving this opinion Councillor Jenkins doesn’t  miss the chance also to take a swipe at the Labour council for its attempts to solve the problem of deadly traffic pollution.

Our Green Party view is clearly laid out in its manifesto:-

      Invest in low traffic neighbourhoods and safe, convenient networks of routes for walking and cycling.
      Safe places for learning to cycle, so people of all ages and those with disabilities can choose to make local trips on foot, by bike or mobility scooter.
      Help end the public health crisis caused by air pollution by increasing incentives to take diesel vehicles off the roads.


Send us your views on the question of cycle routes and on air pollution.

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