IT’S LONG BEEN GROWING [excuse the pun] in Sutton Coldfield –
creating sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns.
Permaculture is transforming homes and gardens, farms, schools, community projects, businesses, allotments and woodlands, in cities, towns, and in the countryside.
The Association is a nationwide organisation and has a few members here in our leafy town: they also are in contact with members a little further afield. For more information visit the Association’s website at

Some of the best places to see permaculture in practice are the demonstration projects that are part of the LAND NETWORK.
There are over 115 in England and more networks in Scotland and Wales.
The Land Network has grown into a vibrant network of sites demonstrating permaculture design.
While not a part of the Land Network, Hill Allotments, just off Dugdale Crescent in Roughley, is a fine local example of what is possible having been voted among the top three allotments in the whole of Birmingham for a number of years.

Land Network sites include suburban gardens, small holdings, rural farms, city farms, forest gardens, and amazing allotments. They are all set up to show permaculture in practice to visitors and volunteers in a safe, accessible and inspiring way.

Sutton Greens permaculture growers with their compost heaps and mulches have avoided adding excess industrial chemicals into the environment feed their plants well. If you have a bit of ground? Plant it!  Use the edges & the flat roofs. Fresh veg’ can be hard to store but the black currant jam, spiced tomato sauces, pickled onions, apple purée, dried beans, chutney – & soon, quince jelly are already storing well.
In a society where the Seasons are little more than a diversion our group knows the we need to underline their deep, life-dependent, planetary importance as harvesting what we have grown continues apace. As well as food, we gather seeds for next year –

We have local non-F1 seed of the following free for members!: – Mizuna salad leaf; Cima de rapa; Lovage herb (& decorative & scented!); Sanex Sanguinea salad leaf; Brussels sprouts “Seven Hills”; Hamburg parsley; Tree onion seed; Small celeriac; Chard.      Contact [email protected]t

And grow organically!
This  back garden is organic and very productive!



Soft fruit growing in a meadow

Sphagetti marrow growing  in tubs on a flat roof. Permaculture says “Use the edges!




“Merci, Monsieur Monet!”
Grown from seeds from the garden of French artist Monet – not water lilies! Courtesy of Margaret C.  Edible flowers & leaves (peppery) grown in an old tool box.



Make the most of your space!
Kate at her water butt twixt two tubs of climbing French beans grown from seeds saved last year by Johann down south.  We paid him back with bean plants his year.





crab apples – in a hedge in Farthing Meadow







Mind what you simply pull out without thinking!

It may turn out to be a serendipitous freebie courtesy of a throw of Nature’s dice-like whimsy: a rescued hazel sown by a squirrel Now a sapling  – moved  to grow on for coppicing and to produce bean poles strung



To link up with the group and for more information contact: –              [email protected]