Sutton Coldfield Climate Protest

for Youth September 20th.

This very successful  protest was held in Vesey Gardens, Trinity Church, up the hill from the Gracechurch shopping centre from 4 pm to 6 pm on Friday 20th September.
David Ratcliff reports that there was a good turnout – around 100  – during which young people addressed the group.  As well as our Green party representatives, Eco Sutton members and some Lib Dems. and Labour supporters also attended.

Latest Sutton Greens Litter Pick

Another very successful Litter Pick! That’s the third now.  Congratulations to Linda, Colin Dave and Ben for their hard work this past Sunday September 15th in the Minworth area, and to Dave for this excellent pic.
More are planned.  Come and help!

Witton Lakes Hydro project.

Exciting news!          From Roger Low

In May, Witton Lodge Community Association, begins building its Ecohub community centre; this is a redevelopment of the old Park Rangers cottage in Witton Lakes Park, which is being converted into meeting rooms, a café and environmental teaching centre.

As part of this, Ecosutton was asked to assist on the planning and design for providing the centre with renewable energy, which could also contribute to the teaching ethos.

To this end, we came up with the idea of using the weir on the lake to provide hydro-electricity to the centre, using a pico-hydro scale plant (below 10 kilowatt); and of using a Water Source Heat Pump, from the lake to provide carbon free heating as well; the added benefit is that the hydro plant provides the electricity for the heat pump, so it is entirely a carbon free energy system for the centre.

This project will also become an exemplar design to demonstrate that even at low generation levels, it makes sense to use renewable energy. If anyone wants to ask about this project visit our Ecosutton page and use its site address.

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