The next committee meeting

will be held on 
Wednesday February 12th, 2020, at 7.30pm.
Hill Allotments Social Club.


Apologies: Minutes: Matters arising:

Peddimore & Langley Dugdale Cres’: News

B’ham Green Party matters: SC leafleting help; Awareness Day 22 Feb’

Transport: “Non-I.C.” deadline. Cycling Birmingham/Sutton plans. Buses Walmley development.

Climate emergency
Birmingham adoption. B’ham CC Climate Survey 2050  check Sutton Greens, and EcoSutton.

Sutton Park    Greens policy Eco Sutton policy.   Sutton town /Birmingham cit.y

Bio regions   Birmingham /Oxford contact Sutton water/nature pathways

Pollution   Air ,local data 5G – Microwave issue      Chemicals: has glyphosate gone?

Eco Sutton   
Activities.campaigns Air pollution ,cic, vulnerable persons

Town council/local meetings

Notes review Planning – back gardens, 5G

Public Meetings
: with Andy Street / 7.00 pm 28th February at Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church B72 1TA: Ben’s list of questions

Media      Website, Facebook, Newsletter & Magazine

Business membership status – one.

Political /social research Research projects.  Youth services, vulnerable persons, air pollution, well being

Letters  Sutton Observer,  Andrew Mitchell
Recycling, composting     Food waste Local waste segregation Devolved powers to Sutton.
Well being       Local advocates Youth services
AOB Date of Next meeting:

How to get to the meeting
If you come by bus get off at the first stop in Gibbons Road and walk downhill on the same side for about 70 yards then turn left into a lane between two houses where after 80 yards you will find a gate on your right hand letting one into the allotments. The Club house is another 50 yards down the path.

If, instead, you come via Gibbons Road and Bodington Road into Dugdale Crescent go clockwise around the Crescent, past a cul de sac on the left and a few yards later turn into the drive that leads to the allotments. Turn left once inside the site.