The Natural History Society

The Natural History Society Autumn Season starts Thursday 13th September, 7-30 pm at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. “Introduction to Spiders”.

We are always actively looking for advice & assistance so that Suttonians can create an enriched habitat for wildlife with though-corridors crucial to ensuring the widest, healthy gene pool. Therefore, before Autumn comes, make gaps in your fences to open your garden to the survival of species. A key speaker at the Natural History Society in Sutton last April stated: “The total area of all our gardens together in this country exceeds that of our Nature Reserves.”

We are pleased to see the ‘Natural History Society’ lectures reported on the Club’s Page of the Sutton Observer. Given that one Green Group member attending a recent Nat’ Hist’ Soc’ talk came away with four pages of notes, it is little short of a miracle that Lilian Holmes their press person, manages to condense her reports to fit the slot. For a link to the Society and its Autumn Programme,  click here.


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