Parish Council elections.

Walmley and Minworth Town Council By-Election March 28 2019

Yet again the the Tory candidate was successful though there was clearly very little interest among the electorate as a whole and only 15.5% turned out to vote.

The result was a more than a pity: Suttonians really needed another nonConservative councillor so as to dent the overweening majority of the present laissez faire regime which produces so little of value for us precept payers.
Our candidate Ben Auton would have made  a fine Green contribution. 
Here’s a comment from a local ‘Nextdoor’ page:-

“I don’t know how many people had
candidates knock the door .
I had one from the Green party Ben Auton
Wish he had got more votes.
If they want the vote they should come
and meet people.
He did make the effort.”


Sutton’s strength is its citizen societies
, charitable and social, formal and informal. The Greens place a high value on society.
        On the environmental and human front the Greens intend to  continue to advocate the monitoring and protection of amenities:
        to identify our natural ‘pocket parks’ – preserving them and making provision for more adventure playgrounds.
        Nature corridors both wet and dry in Sutton have been accepted by city planners but overridden by our town council. With earlier access to planning information we aim to counter building threats to these corridors –  to extend them and guarantee bigger and more viable gene pools.
       We consider that waste-paper bins and hanging flower baskets are far from being the acme of ambition.
        Sutton is reputed to have the highest rate of car ownership in the UK.  The next breath you take could be toxic, even deadly, for air pollution in the UK is now responsible for killing 20 times more people than those who die directly from road accidents.   We should be doing better at checking our local air than  the present ill-placed monitoring device in our town.
       We  will press for wider availability of public electric vehicle charging points. Would be owners are deterred by the current lack of these.
       We will work to ensure provision for safe, linked and continuous cycling routes to encourage a radical change to the ethos and aptness of local transport.

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC)  published a survey in 2017 of useful projects that have been undertaken in 150 different parish councils. It is well worth consulting for many are projects which any Green council would consider embarking on: visit –


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