September Committee Meeting: Minutes

Report on the  Sutton Coldfield Green Group Meeting Weds. 12 September 2018 at Hill Allotments Social Club

Present: S Lyne, D Ratcliff, P Cooke, B Auton, C Marriott Apologies: T Pratt, K Donaldson [Initials used in these minutes refer to the above].
Matters arising:
Apologies received for errors about the date of this meeting. Eastside website: this infographic about Sutton Coldfield town council budget, expenditure, and unspent was again queried. It remains unsure who created the site. Its figures were found  to be correct.
Data Protection  Reply received from M Okole on this question. Newsletter/Mailchimp. PC has produced template with green header for insertion of photos and text. CM will produce next newsletter and circulate via his mail list. Mailchimp use for text only documents, but noted TP had previously been able to include photos in mailchimp.
Birmingham Greens AGM 13 October 10.00am at  – The Warehouse, Alison St., Digbeth
DR and CM to present this group’s report for AGM.   The AGM needs 5% members present to be quorate. SC members strongly requested to attend.
Sutton Greens Website:  Now very live, keeping it current – at present putting emphasis on providing Links to expand Group networking at grass-root level especially links concerning our actively green ‘permaculture’ growers and and ECO Sutton.
The group’s Twitter account is temporarily in abeyance
ECO Sutton provided a detailed Submission to Birmingham city consultation on Air pollution which was well received.
We have been lobbying MPs in support of the FOE campaign against the government’s proposed exploratory fracking free from council planning approval. A reply has been received stating the government stance.
Peddimore and Langley developments Consultation:
Ben has continued argue the case against the protracted 20 year building of the Langley development & in favour of alternative modern rapid systems.
– 22 September: EcoSutton will attend the Council Planning Comm’ meeting dealing with the environmental impact of the Peddimore & Langley Developments & small incinerator threat. Green Group members will be present; all are encouraged to go.
The last of the public meetings regarding the above is scheduled for
2-5pm Tuesday 16th October – Falcon Lodge Community Centre, Newdigate Road, Sutton Coldfield, B75 7LB
View the draft SPDs at libraries in Sutton Coldfield Town Centre, Walmley, Boldmere, Mere Green and Castle Vale.
Submit comments also to [email protected] or Planning and Development, Birmingham City Council, 1 Lancaster Circus, Birmingham, B4 7DJ.
The public consultation closes on the 22nd October 2018.
EcoSutton will have a stand in The Parade at Sutton Expo 18 on Saturday 29 September from 9am to 5pm along the Parade. Eco Sutton gave talk to Abbey school on pollution which was well received and will also give talks at other schools. – A car boot sale stall to raise funds for public liability insurance
run at Witton Lodge Road, opposite the church (15th September) – EcoSutton is trying to work with John Allen (Council) over the installation of thermographic cameras on the Parade to check heat-generation from buses to calculate pollution levels.
Review of Sutton Coldfield Greens’ future actions:
Three earlier documents were redistributed for consultation in drafting a modernised strategy for the SC Report to the Birmingham AGM. Members are requested to submit content asap. [Documents referred to: Green Party original submission to SC Town Council; “Acts & Long-term” March 2018; “May 2018 Onwards”]
It was agreed that effort be put into the website and Facebook page and links are making local connections a priority.
Dates of importance announced:
Sutton Town Council planning meeting 4 September Walmley ward 22 September: Council Planning Comm’ meeting Re: Small incinerator on Maybrook estate, 2018/05012/PA – No objection from council.
Environmental assessment of Langley dev 6000 houses 2018/05012/PA & Peddimore.
A Michell MP Invited to recycling meeting 29 Sept
To A Mitchell MP from CM in support of the FOE campaign against Govt’s proposed fracking exploration free from council planning approval. Reply received stating govt. stance.
To A Mitchell MP from BA opposing Govt’s change of policy on capital punishment for persons extradited from UK to USA.
To Sutton Observer from BA about the protracted 20 year building of the Langley development & alternative modern rapid systems.
Exchange of letters in Sutton Observer from PC on lack of Traveller site provision & stating Green Party policy.
Travellers: PC will contact Green Cllr Julien Pritchard of Druids Heath concerning his green article in Green Ward Newsletter which raised concerns. PC recommended books by Betsy Whyte, “Yellow on Broom and Red Rowan” and “Wild way” giving insight into their way of life. * Noted that it is Green party manifesto policy to provide statutory sites for travellers.
Recycling & Waste Management Conference (RWM): This year’s RWM was attended for the Green Group by Steve Lyne & Ben Auton. Their commentary for our Newsletter is in preparation.
Next meeting: Wed’ 17 October 7:30 Hill Allotments Social Club
* Room hire £10 was paid by those present.

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