Extinction Rebellion at Carrs Lane Church, B4 7SX

Monday 24th Sept, 7pm

The climate is changing quickly! What can we do? In this talk, Dr. Gail Bradbrook will explain the scientific facts on why we are entering a climate apocalypse and show how denial mechanisms stop us from seeing what is now obvious. Based upon award winning PhD research on effective campaign mobilisation, she will outline the political response necessary to maximise the chances that we will avoid the extinction we are presently racing towards. The chart shows reduction of ice cover in September in the Arctic. The blue line is the prediction made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – that the ice will be almost gone by 2100. The red line shows the actual ice extent. Follow the red line down and you can see that an ice free arctic will occur around 2020-2025, – seventy five years earlier than the IPCC projection which is influenced by the economists on one of the panels!

The deadly heatwave that gripped the world over the summer is only a glimpse at what is to come if we do not properly address the crisis. The government and environmental NGOs have failed to properly address the crisis. We need a mass movement that it prepared to accept what is happening and act accordingly. We need change. We need to rebel.
Can we stop the destruction of our climate?  In this public talk, members from the Extinction Rebellion share the latest climate science on where our planet is heading, discuss the some of the current psychology around climate change and offer solutions through the study of social movements.

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