About Us

We are a small self-financing group representing the interests of the Green Party in Sutton Coldfield.  Here we can keep you in touch with our local activities, giving you news and providing links to topics and to other sites of interest. We campaign on both local and global matters.

We support the national party’s political programme:
Save the environment
Green our land
Protect animal life
Challenge privilege
End discrimination
Liberate our working lives
Unleash our creative power
Embed collective kindness in our society
Deliver a good quality of life for all.

Take a look at the latest posts on the following menus:-

Local Events, ‘Our Newsletter’, also ‘Eco Sutton’.


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I am not alone in being extremely delighted to see a Sutton Greens’ website up, running and day by day meeting the needs of citizens, environmentalists, organic growers, healthy eaters and naturalists.
    — Onwards and upwards!

  2. — And so say all of us from RePsyke! We figure that there’s a big need for an Info’, links and ideas “hub” like this is destined to be.

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