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                   RESULT: –  FLOODING !


OUR MEMBER Ben Auton reports from his front-line invovement in enviro-remediation:

He brings our attention to the worsening of local extreme weather and flooding already over-topping existing defences of the River Aire and the River Severn.
         Hawes, N.Yorkshire suffers increasingly. Nearby Ingleborough is bare and rain flows unimpeded. Increasing unpredictability means that engineering companies now have to over-engineer in anticipation, greatly increasing costs. Each river is different. Loss of equipment & serious risk to staff is increasing. Much greater resilience needs to be built into the infrastructure.
        Sutton Coldfield Natural History Society members pointed out that an area of Cumbria pasture land is to be afforested to regulate wash off higher ground. [ Conclusions drawn way back in ancient Greece about the effects of deforestation on climate, soil & bees &  but presumably lost in translation!]

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Chris Williams  Head of Elections & Field Operations

Very soon, our teams across the country will be ramping up campaign efforts to ensure we make huge breakthroughs in May 2021’s unprecedented set of elections.
Ahead of the key September restart, we want to single out key opportunities and advice with fellow activists:

1. Action Network – our new online campaign resource

The Green Party is moving away from CiviCRM and on to an exciting new platform: Action Network.
If your local party hasn’t made the switch, now is the time. As use of CiviCRM winds down and is eventually switched off, we are working to ensure every team is up and running on Action Network by mid-September.
This includes our new training programme which aims to make the transition away from Civi as smooth as possible.
Training sessions will be a combination of explaining what it’s all about, as well as hands-on activities – we’ll walk through the practical steps together, and those who take part will take a leap forward in their understanding of Action Network and how to use it.
I’m really excited about Action Network – it really could be a game-changer for the Green Party. But first, we just need to get every local party aboard.

2. Power Fund – a chance to use a slice of £40,000 

As of summer 2020, Greens are in a position of power – that is running the administration or having a say in running the administration – on 18 councils in England and hold balance of power on more still. 
The Green Party’s Executive (GPEx) has created the Power Fund to the tune of £40,000 to provide grants to local parties (or groups of local parties) with the one objective of enabling activists to take power or hold balance of power at local government level
Applications are now open and close on 15th September. Go here for more information and to submit your application.

3. Door knocking and delivering safely

With advice from Public Health England and based on the good reception we are getting when delivering leaflets and via some door knocking pilots, we are sharing new guidance on how to resume, and reduce risk, when door knocking.
Door knocking well in advance of the final few weeks of an election campaign is a core element of any winning election campaign.
To prepare to start door-knocking again, please review our guidance and risk assessment in order to help you and your fellow volunteers campaign to win with confidence.

As always, please get in touch with one of our Field Organisers if we can help your local party campaign activity in any way.

We’re looking forward to working with you in the coming months.

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From Roger Low:
Eco Sutton continues to monitor Sutton Coldfield Air Quality! What a difference now!

       Since the start of the period of shutdown caused by  Covid 19  air pollution figures show a dramatic reduction in Particulate Measurements and Nitrogen Oxide (and Dioxide), down by an average of 60% compared with this time last year. Eco Sutton are using the monitors from home and during daily walks – if anyone would like to borrow one of their monitors and take data for them, please contact us.  (Keeping a social distance of course).
([email protected])

For MORE excellent information on air pollution provided by Roger Low go to the menu  Topics of interest.